Caster Special Bearing

Caster special bearings, adopt the double row steel ball as the rolling element, so that the production rotation freely and the axial clearances have greatly improved. It can bear the large radial load and axial load.

The bearing adopt the high-quality steel, and undergo heat treated to make the hardness up to 45~48 HRC, so that has the better abrasion and impact resistance, also prolong the life of the bearings in casters.

Shaft and the housing are assembled to become integrated, installation conveniences, and the bearing can be put on the molding mandrel bar, then directly molding into the wheels, so that the wheels and the bearings never to be separated.

We also can base on the customer needs, add two seal rings to prevent the dust, sundries and the corrosive liquids to enter, so that it can operate under the dreadful conditions.

The caster special bearings make one wheel only use one bearing to become a reality. we also don’t do the follow-up complex assembly work. When we use the caster special bearings, the caster’s overall quality has been improved a lot, at the same time, it also reduce the production and the administration cost and advance market competition capability.
Post Time:2019-04-25